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Direct Primary Care

 Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative healthcare model that offers patients accessible, efficient, affordable and high-quality healthcare for a low monthly fee. DPC offers a wide spectrum of services with superior outcomes. DPC allows the patient and provider to develop a relationship by cutting out insurance companies, the “middle-men.” Therefore, allowing the provider to focus on the specific needs of each patient.

Direct Primary Care vs. Conventional Healthcare

Direct Primary Care

  • Direct relationship with your provider

  • More time with your provider with unlimited visits 

  • A more streamlined and relaxed health care experience

  • Convenient visits and communication via text, phone, email and virtual access to your health care provider

  • Same day or next day appointments

  • Little to NO wait time

  • No hidden cost, no fear of the unknown or pending bills 

  • Save HUNDREDS on medications, lab work, procedures, imaging and visits

  • An established unique health care plan

  • More trust, engagement and accessibility

  • Better compliance 

  • Efficient management and hassle free

  • Adds value to your health, increases quality healthcare and quality to your life


Conventional Healthcare

  • High Volume of patients

  • Rushed and impersonal appointments

  • Provider and staff time spent on insurance claims

  • Expensive and unnecessary testing

  • Limited office hours for provider contact.

  • Unnecessary and large price mark-ups on medications, labs and other test

  • Very limited amount of time with patients.

  • Insurance company hassle

  • Insurance authorizations and denials. 

  • Forced to focus on the insurance company and not the patient

  • Hidden cost and increasingly confusing, expensive and frustrating attempts to work with insurance

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