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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

What does membership include?

Membership includes access to an unlimited number of monthly office visits, prescription medication management, direct access to your provider (call, text, video call), and greatly discounted prices for medication and lab work. 

How do I pay for my membership?

The monthly membership fee is paid directly to the clinic. Simply Direct Primary Care offers billing management online, so patients aren't required to come into the office for payment. Our clinic is currently accepting credit/debit card payments. 

Is membership like insurance coverage?

No. A membership is not an insurance plan. We recommend that you pair membership with  a high-deductible insurance plan or share-of-cost plan in the event that emergency or specialist care or hospital visits are necessary. The kind of insurance coverage you choose or whether or not you carry health insurance is your decision. 

What if I already have medical insurance?

Our membership is open to everyone, with or without insurance. The health insurance coverage you choose is completely up to you. Most general health care needs can be addressed in the clinic and are covered under the monthly membership fee, however it is recommended to retain some level of health insurance to cover major events such as emergency room visits.

Do you accept Medicare / Medicaid?

No. Please note: direct primary care does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Is Direct Primary Care the same as concierge medicine?

No. Direct Primary Care is membership based healthcare, offering general healthcare as well as discounted prescription medications and in-house laboratory testing.

Is there an enrollment fee?

There is a one time $100 enrollment fee.

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