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Our Services

General Wellness

Cold & flu care



Upper respiratory infections Sinus & ear infections

Urinary tract infections


DOT Physicals

Sports Physicals

Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Pellet Treatment

Doctor Wearing Surgical Gloves

Prescription Management

Discounted generic drugs - antibiotics, blood pressure medication, diabetes medications, and others.

Note: there are no controlled substances kept on site


In-house prescription filling.

You may also use your prescription insurance at pharmacy of your choice

Prescription Drugs


In-House Lab Testing

Cholesterol panels

Complete blood count

Blood sugar, A1C

Prostate cancer screening (PSA) Liver and kidney function

Thyroid levels

Anemia analysis

Blood Test


Our vision is to continuously provide reliable, affordable and easy accessible healthcare to the community. We desire to develop a trusting relationship between you and your healthcare provider with transparent and individualized care. We always strive to provide excellent holistic and thorough healthcare, while involving you in each healthcare decision.

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